If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. John 8:36

2022 Camp Meeting Jan 28th- Feb 6th

John Forsee

James Keaton

Harrold Taylor

John Ingram

Daniel & Angie Edwards

Daniel Melton Family

The Camp Freedom highlight is the annual camp meeting, held on campus, starting on the Friday evening before the last full weekend of January, and continuing through the first weekend of February. Click HERE for our upcoming 2022 schedule.

Camp Freedom is a family camp. We welcome all ages in the program,  children through youth services and activities, as well as services for the adults.
Available facilities include:

  • WIFI

and other amenities necessary to the ongoing ministry of the camp. These facilities are  available by invitation during off-camp seasons for those desiring a resort for spiritual relaxation, renewal, and transition.

Camp Freedom Mini-Camp 2021

The Mini-Camp will be September 4, 2021. Starting service at 2:30 pm with Aaron McCarty speaking and the Brian Fuller family singing. 4:30pm banquet and then final service at 6:30pm. 
In His Service,
Dennis L. Ritchey